Finding the right publisher for your book can be stressful. If you decide to go with large publishers, you may spend months sending sample chapters and book proposals to agents who will help pitch your book to these large publishing firms. You will then have to face a lot of criticism on what your book looks like and how much money it can make in the market. Many publishers may even send you a letter of rejection, or in some cases, low offers. At this stage, there is enough frustration and denial that discourages you from publishing your dream book. Self-publishing has, however, removed most of these barriers. I mean, this is 2020; there is an endless range of knowledge and resources you can access from authors who have achieved outstanding success through self-publishing. There are also numerous ways to be a successful self-publisher without having to break the bank; in this case, by working with the right publisher.

The Challenge for Every Writer

The major challenge of book-publishing is reaching a wider audience. With a niche-focused audience, you will make more sales and gain more recognition in the area of your expertise. Self-publishing sounds like an easy task that any writer can do effectively. Make no mistake; getting your book to the public can be an arduous task, and in most cases, it takes more than a book to gain momentum. Even if your book is considered a good read by consumers, that does not guarantee you and your book will break into the market right away. The hassles and stress that come with self-publishing almost make self-publishing as difficult as working with a large publishing firm. Self-publishing is more like a small scale business; it requires enormous marketing, promotion, and working with a successful publisher.

Here is the Solution

If you opt to go with large publishing firms, you may have massive book sales, yet small returns. The stages you have to go through to get there alone are enough to discourage you. The idea of self – publishing using e-commerce sites sounds appealing on paper, but unless you have a thorough marketing plan and devote all of your free time to promote your book through many different outlets, it will end up being more of a let-down. Luckily, there is an in-between. Self-publishers have the option to work with a traditional publisher who can also help them self-publish. The book-publishing industry calls this hybrid self-publishing.

Publishing Concepts, a hybrid self-publishing company in St. Louis, is the bridge between your book idea and target audience. We will save you the time needed to market your book by putting your book on our vast marketing platform. At Publishing Concepts, we will work with you, help you reach a wider audience and help you earn more.

Having issues writing or editing your manuscript? You need not worry. We have a team of editors with many years of self-publishing experience under their belts. Our team can ghost-write and edit your manuscript to suit your niche and fit international standards. The fee you will have to pay to fund your book publishing will be meager compared to what your returns will be. Our pricing fees are affordable, and all expenses involved are clearly explained and can be worked out.

A lot of time and energy goes into crafting a book, especially if you have to write the book from scratch. To ensure that your effort is well-directed, Publishing Concepts offers valuable feedback and consultation during the self-publishing process. Once you have an idea, we will help you develop it in the most affordable and helpful way possible. To schedule an appointment and receive a FREE three-page manuscript analysis, call (314) 781-8880.