Who We Are

Publishing Concepts, LLC is a St. Louis-based multimedia communications firm that has helped independent authors and small-, mid-, and large-sized organizations turn their ideas into finished and marketable products.

For 20+ years, we have provided print and digital solutions across a wide spectrum of genres and scopes.  In fact, we have self-published everything from children’s, family heirloom, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry books to training manuals, workbooks, textbooks, limited edition books, and magazines.

Our Projects Over the Years

How We Bring Your Idea to Life

  • Custom-tailored solutions
    Every project is unique and entails a different series of steps to reach the intended outcome.  Publishing Concepts, LLC will learn your objectives inside and out to determine how we can best serve you.
  • Step-by-step assistance
    Self-publishing is a dynamic and multifaceted process.  Our knowledgeable team will guide you through each stage of your custom-tailored plan every step of the way.
  • Adding value to the table
    If Publishing Concepts, LLC sees an opportunity to make your project all the more impactful, we will run our ideas by you.  Our ultimate goal is to produce end products that are meaningful to you and your target audience(s).

Our Senior Book Staff


Joe Clote

Joe Clote is the owner of Publishing Concepts, LLC and has more than two decades of book publishing experience. Joe has developed and executed products and services in the software, insurance, art, and tourism industries. Additionally, he has produced trade shows throughout the United States and works with businesses of all sizes and types to grow their sales and customer reach.

Olivia Orman

Olivia Orman is Publishing Concepts, LLC’s chief project manager.  Here, she is in charge of overseeing each project from start to finish and providing step-by-step assistance through the self-publishing process.  Outside of her project management role, Olivia enjoys reading almost any book and writing manuscripts of her own.


Rebekah Icenesse

Rebekah Icenesse serves as the content editor and business development for Publishing Concepts, LLC. In this role, she edits author manuscripts, oversees every aspect of book production, and is in charge of marketing outreach initiatives. Beyond her publishing work, Rebekah enjoys rock climbing, listening to podcasts, and reading the latest thriller novel.

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