Confused how self-publishing works?

You’re not alone.

Self-publishing a book is an involved and multifaceted process.  If all the online articles you’ve read up to this point have (still) left several unanswered questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Our How to Self-publish guide provides key considerations and explanations to help you navigate the self-publishing process.  Whether you have a finished manuscript or just started brainstorming, we have the answers to put your project in motion.

The Stages

Despite how every book is inherently unique, each self-publishing project typically follows a straightforward series of steps.  These stages may be done at different points, depending on the author.  However, these steps are all eventually done to help bring the book from an idea to a finished, sellable product.

And somewhere in the process…

Help is Needed

Let’s face it: not all of us are skilled illustrators, editors, marketers, or even writers.  That is where a self-publishing company comes into the equation.  To work with a publisher, start by evaluating the following three areas:

  • Where you are in the self-publishing process.
    Have you created an outline/storyboard to develop your idea?  Written your manuscript?  Take a moment to determine which items you’ve completed in the self-publishing process.
  • Which areas you need help with.
    Do you need your manuscript edited from multiples standpoints?  An illustrator to bring your story to life?  Interior layout and cover design?  An ISBN?  Come up with a list of steps you need a publishing company to help you complete.
  • How you plan on investing your time and money.
    Are you willing to put more time into your project on your end before approaching a publisher?  Or would you prefer the publishing company to complete some of these steps for you?  Analyze how you’d like to parse out the resources you have.
Our Process

After thinking through these fundamental considerations, you now have preliminary information to share with a publisher.  Publishing Concepts, LLC uses the following procedure to guide projects through the self-publishing process from start to finish.

Set up an intake meeting

This first client-to-publisher interaction is intended to learn about the project, gauge where you are in the self-publishing process, and determine which areas you need help with.

Meet the author where they are in the process

Once we understand where you need help, our production team takes a deeper dive into your project.  This helps us specify which steps still need to be complete prior to publication and establish the scope of work.

Two-way collaboration

Upon your approval, our production team will initiate your project.  Depending on what role we play in production, this may involve occasion or frequent communication with you to share the headway we’ve made.

Ongoing assistance

After you receive the end product, there are more ways we can help you achieve your objectives.  Whether you need help with print and/or digital marketing, our team of local professionals can provide continued assistance.
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin the self-publishing process?

Schedule a free consultation with us!  We’d love to hear about your book project and how we can help you create a worthwhile end result.

How quickly will you be able to publish my book?

Given how publishing a book is a large milestone, we strive to create an end product that you’re truly proud of.  We prefer to avoid specific deadlines as much as possible to reduce the possibility of mistakes happening.  Hence, we aim to stretch production out over several months.  We will meet realistic deadlines if that is what you’d prefer, though.

What services do you provide?

From ideation to marketing, we offer it all!  Check out our services to see what help we can provide.

How much does self-publishing cost?

There are several variables that determine how much it would cost to self-publish your book.  This depends on what services you need our production team to complete for your book, how long it takes for us to complete these services, and the type of files we’re working with.

What is an ISBN, and do I need to buy one?

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique book identifier that makes books’ information available to retailers, wholesalers, and institutions such as libraries.  These are typically only available to publishers unless you go the print-on-demand (POD) self-publishing route.  Thus, Publishing Concepts, LLC will handle your ISBN for you.

What is print-on-demand?

Print-on-demand (POD) has become the free, self-serve way of self-publishing a book.  While authors may avoid production costs going this route, many find the self-publishing process to be more involved than they anticipated.  Hence, many authors of these authors have entrusted Publishing Concepts, LLC to do this job for them.

How do I get my book into a retail store?

Depending on what brick-and-mortar store you’d like to sell your book at, securing shelf space can be quite competitive.  Large (and even local) bookstores typically look for titles they think will generate high volumes of sales on their end.  Hence, we advise writing up a marketing plan that builds your sphere of influence and makes a case for your book.

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