A Customizable Production & Marketing Experience

Publishing Concepts, LLC offers a wide range of services that help authors navigate the first stages of the self-publishing process and post-production decisions such as marketing.

Whether you’re looking for self-publishing, marketing, or event planning assistance, our team of knowledgeable professionals can provide the direction you need to achieve your objectives.

Self-publishing Services

Looking to self-publish your book but need help in certain areas?  Publishing Concepts, LLC offers the following services to lessen your load during the self-publishing process.


Need help with self-publishing and marketing from square one or need an ongoing project review? Learn how our consulting services can help meet your goals.


You’ve started writing a book but got stuck and need help finishing it? Our ghostwriting team can help you or just take it from here.


Every author needs an editor at one point in the journey. Call us to be matched with the right editor for your project.

Graphic Design

Tell us your specific message or describe your objective and we will create the perfect visual to captivate your customers.

Cover Design

Even if we’re told not to, we all still judge a book by its cover. Let us design the cover that sells for your book and does your story justice.


Your story is done, but you think it’s missing something? Let us create a storyboard for you, depicting the individual scenes and flow of the story. This is especially helpful if your story is to be converted into a film.


You’re a great writer but cannot draw a straight line, even if your life depended on it? Our illustrator team can help you create visuals for the book you’ve been dreaming about.

Interior Layout

Need help creating a layout for your book that meets commercial printer specifications? Our experienced production team can do the job.

Print Production

Looking for a printer that can produce the professional end product you're looking to produce? We can do just that.

Print Marketing Services

You now (or already) have a product to sell but find you need marketing help?  We can produce the following print collateral to boost your visibility and sales efforts.

Press Releases

Have a new product or service that you’d like the world to know about, without having to spend a lot of marketing money? Have us write a catchy press release for you!


We can design your brochures and/or print them, even mail them directly to your customers.


Our graphic design team can help you with new or existing signage for your business. Just give us your specs and we’ll take it from here!

Promo Products

Both potential and existing customers like promotional products. Let us help you design the ones that stand out from the never-ending stream of competitors’ pens and pop sockets!


Want our help to promote one specific service or product for you? We will design a one-sheeter with all the specifications that captures your customer’s attention immediately.

Digital Marketing Services

Developing an online presence plays an essential role in the promotion of your book.  Thus, Publishing Concepts, LLC also offers various digital marketing services to cover your bases electronically.

Web Development

You know you have a great product, but your customer can’t navigate your website to find it? Let us redesign your existing website or build you a new one.

Mobile App Development

On-the-go customers these days depend on mobile apps. Do you already make use of a mobile app to keep in touch with your customers? If not, we can develop one for you.

Video Production

Print media is great; coupled with sound, it’s even greater! Let us help you reach all your audiences simultaneously by producing video for your product or service.

Video Animation

With an animated video, your customers’ attention is captured immediately. Even if the sound is off; the animation will still imprint itself in the memory.

Social Media Management

Too much to do, too little time? Let us take the multi-task of social media management off your hands across some or all available platforms.

Event Services

Facilitating a face-to-face event can also drive awareness to your book and increase sales.  Our event services alleviate this involved task so you can focus on what you do best.

Event Planning

Have an event idea but need help hashing out the specifics? Our event planning services bring life to your face-to-face function.

Vendor Acquisition

You have your event planned but need vendors to fulfill your requirements? Let us help you with your vendor acquisition.

Conference Management

All our management tools that involve the planning, organization, and execution of your conference. After 20 years in business, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Tradeshow Management

From logistics such as finding the right venue to creating the event schedule and marketing your tradeshow, we can help you execute the perfect face-to-face function.

Registration Management

Allow us to help you select a registration software for your conference or tradeshow and handle online and onsite registration, RSVPs, and event badges, so you can concentrate on your business.

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