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Dark Tunes


A band of young, aspiring musicians move to St. Louis in hopes of jumpstarting their careers. They quickly find lodging and practice space in an abandoned girls’ high school. Loving the amazing acoustics of its  chapel/music room, with no concern over neighbors complaining about their music, they find jobs and begin to settle in. When stories of odd disappearances around the school are coupled with eerie first-hand occurrences, they begin to question the magnitude of malevolence that lurks within its walls.

MOONRISE: A Werewolf Novel (MOONRISE Series Book 1)


How would you handle getting bitten by a werewolf and cursed? Your mother, father, brother and friends all put in danger. Young Alan Driggers finds out the hard way.

One dark night, on a camping trip, he is attacked and bitten. He barely escapes, but his nightmare has just begun.

“You alright?”

His head down and his teeth grinding, Alan snarled, “What the hell do you think?”

Dropping into a full squat, he added, “I doubt that I’ll ever be alright again.”

His friends, family, home, past, future, and every part of his world is in danger of being lost. Hunted by a wolf seeking revenge, Alan must find help. He does in the personage of a beautiful witch. Witchcraft caused his curse; it may be his only hope of surviving it.

If you like strong character development, and gripping suspense, you’ll love this book!

WOLF HUNT, the second book in the series, is also available for purchase.

Reasons to Leave a Light On: A Collection of Short Stories


Reasons to leave a Light On includes several encounters with night creatures. Vampires and werewolves are always popular in the realm of horror, and you will find such tales included here. However, my versions do not fit the standard descriptions. This collection also draws from lesser used creatures and elements such as zombies, succubi, disembodied eyes, an empty airport, and a deadly jigsaw puzzle. These stories were originally published in smaller collections as e-books. Reasons to Leave a Light On compiles them into one volume. Here I’ve added several BONUS STORIES which involve, among other things, Halloween, and an unusual Christmas Eve meeting between Santa Claus and a…

Well, I won’t ruin the surprise.

With each tale I’ve included a short description which explains the story’s inception and/or other off-the-page notes. I hope you enjoy these creepy tales, each will encourage you to leave a light on.

WOLFHUNT: A Werewolf Novel (MOONRISE Series Book 2)


The MOONRISE story continues in WOLF HUNT.

Rose Bud, a witch, was bitten and held captive by a werewolf. Rescued by her grandmother, Rose lives. But, bitten and cursed, what is her life worth?

Orsino, the werewolf brother of Salvador who tormented Alan in book one, has learned of his brother’s death. With his pack, he seeks answers and revenge.

Alan and Autumn are sequestered at the witch’s Keep. With his mother, father, and brother dead, Alan lost everything but now has a new family. He was adopted by witches who keep him safe and help him continue to cope with his curse.

Both Rose and Alan’s curses have been tamed through magic, but Alan’s is failing. All the witches of the Keep are determined to help him.

In WOLF HUNT, you will learn the origin of werewolves and the truth of how witches are responsible. You’ll also learn details of how brothers, Orsino and Salvador, were cursed and why Orsino may be the most dangerous of them all.

WOLF HUNT will take you north into Alaska and through parts of Europe as you follow the werewolves and witches from the Salem witch trials, all the way to the present day. The battles have been hard and long, fought with the wolves leaving a bloody path.

Magic has existed for a millennia. Will it be enough to save Alan a second time?