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A Sister’s Cookbook


Victoria Matthews (Vikki to friends) is the proud mother of Kourtney and Spenser and the loving wife of her husband, George. She is a devout Christian and a member of First Baptist Church of Creve Coeur. Vikki’s top priority is her family. She feels blessed in also being a sister, daughter, aunt and good friend. Vikki appreciates the value of family and friends and enjoys cooking for them.

During the holidays, her home is filled with good smells and constant company. She loves to entertain. No one ever needs to bring anything to her home as she always has plenty of food and enjoys when people ask for recipes and take home leftover treats. Vikki has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Southeast Missouri State University and works as a marketing executive for a publishing company. Other passions include wine tasting, listening to gospel and jazz, and tending her garden. Her greatest loves, however, are her family, the time she spends with them, and doing all she can for people. You never know who you may meet in life, so being kind and helping others is one of her missions

Chef Martin Cook Book


Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside Chef Martins Event Cookbook.

  • Combining flavors from around the globe
  • Cactus Paddle Salad (Nopales Salad)
  • “Smart drinks”: The intelligent choice for events
  • Beyond travel-inspired cuisine “Where the coffee bean reigns”
  • Carnitas de Michoacán
  • “Smarter” meal portion sizes. When is less more?
  • Healthy Snacks, on the Go! Hummus Quesadillas
  • Beyond travel-inspired cuisine Internationally fused flavors create
  • Dishes without borders
  • Braised Pork in Tomatillo and Chile Salsa Verde
  • Learn the facts about safe food handling
  • Latin culinary influences in the midwest
  • Spicy Blackberry and Jalapeno Margaritas
  • Guacamole Botanero Bar
  • Pico de Gallo (Salsa Fresca)