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How to Promote Your Business with Limited Money


Many small businesses do not have a marketing manager. In many cases, it is the company owner that drives marketing and sales efforts with the gut instinct to survive. Even when small businesses do have a marketing manager, though, many of them are trying to navigate through the complex sales and marketing landscape with little to no success or budget.

How to Promote Your Business with Limited Money is a general-purpose, how-to business book written for business owners and marketing professionals by business owners Dr. Stan Fine and Joseph W. Clote.  This guide is not intended to be read as a front-to-back chapter book and rather serves as a quick reference guide. Refer to this book as you need specific information and skip around as needed.

Promoting your business with limited money is one challenging feat, but there are unlimited ideas you can apply to achieve objectives you pre-establish. So, put on your marketing hat, and let’s take action to start showing your prospects the value your business delivers.

Small Town Girls Play BIG in Business


Small Town Girls Play BIG in Business highlights ten women from or living in small towns who took risks, made sacrifices, and continually persevered to follow their ambitions. These women came from many different walks of life and found themselves in challenging positions before they discovered their purpose in business. It is our greatest hope that, by reading their stories, you will become inspired to take that leap of faith to follow your own calling.

Stop Clowning Around – The Ten Fundamental Leaderships Skills Proven to Elevate Your Career


Do you feel like everything you were told to do in school in order to achieve professional success was false? Are you giving your best effort but it seems like you go unnoticed? Do you feel stuck or confused, knowing you want to advance your career but feel like there is a secret set of rules? Do you feel like there has to be a better way to get there?

Stop Clowning Around: The Ten Fundamental Leaderships Skills Proven to Elevate Your Career is the go-to manual for personal growth and success.

The Left Side of Monday


Silent information and misinformation hang on the Left Side of Monday… a reference to day of week tags on a clothing rack for work that needs to be delivered on a scheduled day. It is a purgatory of sorts where intervention is required to resolve delivery problems. Typically, missing or incorrect data are the root causes for residency there. The real business world consumes data as humans consume food for fuel and good health so we must understand how to leverage data for keeping our business data on the right side of Monday where they can fuel the delivery of our products and services on time.

Too Late, You’re Hacked! – Defending Your Small Business’ Computers and Networks


Too Late, You’re Hacked! – Defending Your Small Business’ Computers and Networks is written for small businesses with a limited understanding of IT (Information Technology) that encounter cybersecurity challenges.  This book introduces critical IT terms and concepts in today’s complex digital age, and it is intended for owners or professionals handling their business’ IT department with narrow expertise.

Too Late, You’re Hacked! A Quick Guide


Hackers are constantly in pursuit of larger and more sophisticated cybercrimes. Protect yourself from falling victim to various scams, which are illustrated in the Too Late, You’re Hacked! Quick Guide.

This Quick Guide serves as a go-to resource for:

  • Understanding cybersecurity fundamentals
  • Evaluating the authenticity of inbound communications
  • Improving spam detection
  • Differentiating between legitimate messages and potential scams
  • Discovering tips and tricks to defend computers and networks

Unlock Your Full Potential


Unlock your full potential with Scott Holman’s transformative guide, Unlock Your Full Potential: 10 Secrets to Maximizing Your Performance. This book distills the essence of a growth journey, revealing that extraordinary potential lies within us all. Scott shares the vital secrets to maximizing performance, allowing you to transition from the ordinary to the extraordinary and find fulfillment in living true to your design and calling. As a person of deep faith, Scott believes that our greatest gift to God, our Creator and Designer, is to utilize the talents He has bestowed upon us. “This book is crafted to help you navigate from ordinary to extraordinary, empowering you to assist others on their paths to personal growth.” Embrace your divine potential and step into your destiny.