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“No Fat Chicks”: Overcoming Body Shame and Living in Authenticity


“No Fat Chicks”: Overcoming Body Shame and Living in Authenticity is my journey to building a leadership business while working to improve my own perception of my body. I have experienced bullying and harsh rebukes about my appearance for years. What does God have to say about that? I wondered if He had a plan for me, given that my appearance was apparently unpleasant for people. Others couldn’t see me being the woman He wants me to be because I was overweight, not pretty enough, or not “eye candy.”

I believe being authentic about what has happened to me will encourage others to find the courage to walk through doors of opportunity waiting for them. With God’s help, I’ve been able to overcome body shame. I believe this book will help you, your family, your friends, and your teenagers understand their worth and walk firmly in the path God has established for you and for them. This would make an excellent women’s small group study or small group study for teenage girls.

A Sister’s Cookbook


Victoria Matthews (Vikki to friends) is the proud mother of Kourtney and Spenser and the loving wife of her husband, George. She is a devout Christian and a member of First Baptist Church of Creve Coeur. Vikki’s top priority is her family. She feels blessed in also being a sister, daughter, aunt and good friend. Vikki appreciates the value of family and friends and enjoys cooking for them.

During the holidays, her home is filled with good smells and constant company. She loves to entertain. No one ever needs to bring anything to her home as she always has plenty of food and enjoys when people ask for recipes and take home leftover treats. Vikki has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Southeast Missouri State University and works as a marketing executive for a publishing company. Other passions include wine tasting, listening to gospel and jazz, and tending her garden. Her greatest loves, however, are her family, the time she spends with them, and doing all she can for people. You never know who you may meet in life, so being kind and helping others is one of her missions


Breaking the Code to Healthcare Compliance – 4th Edition


Breaking the Code to Healthcare Compliance, Fourth Edition updates the body of knowledge for those working in these turbulent industries. Whether you are a manufacturer, physician, group purchasing organization (GPO), physician-owned distributorship (POD), or teaching hospital, or one involved in planning and reporting transparency and spend, having a basic understanding of the who, what, where, and how of the Physician Payments Sunshine Act will enhance your knowledge and scope of reasoning.

“If there is one word that will dominate the landscape of the healthcare industry in the coming years it is “compliance.” If you want to have a full understanding of the ever-changing landscape of governmental regulations, then this is the book for you.”

David Peckinpaugh, CMP
President / Maritz Travel Company

Breaking the Code to Healthcare Compliance – 5th Edition


Breaking the Code to Healthcare Compliance is written primarily for those who devote a major portion of their time to working in the healthcare industry involved in planning and reporting transparency and spend. The following updates have been made to the Fifth Edition: updated international section, improved glossary, revised maps and charts, and Covid-19 updates. In addition, the e-book version also contains color-enhanced charts and maps. Whether you are a manufacturer, physician, group purchasing organization (GPO), physician-owned distributorship (POD), or teaching hospital, having a basic understanding of the who, what, where, and how of the state and federal guidelines will enhance your knowledge and scope of reasoning.



Catharsis is a collection of 41 photographs and poems that touch upon messages from the soul. It utilizes the concept of creative, emotional, and observational release to illustrate the infinite potential within the worldly experience, and it examines various subjects ranging from human tendency to spiritual identity. By awakening subconscious thoughts, Catharsis aims to evoke a greater level of contemplation through its use of descriptive analogies and diction.

Chef Martin Cook Book


Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside Chef Martins Event Cookbook.

  • Combining flavors from around the globe
  • Cactus Paddle Salad (Nopales Salad)
  • “Smart drinks”: The intelligent choice for events
  • Beyond travel-inspired cuisine “Where the coffee bean reigns”
  • Carnitas de Michoacán
  • “Smarter” meal portion sizes. When is less more?
  • Healthy Snacks, on the Go! Hummus Quesadillas
  • Beyond travel-inspired cuisine Internationally fused flavors create
  • Dishes without borders
  • Braised Pork in Tomatillo and Chile Salsa Verde
  • Learn the facts about safe food handling
  • Latin culinary influences in the midwest
  • Spicy Blackberry and Jalapeno Margaritas
  • Guacamole Botanero Bar
  • Pico de Gallo (Salsa Fresca)

Dark Tunes


A band of young, aspiring musicians move to St. Louis in hopes of jumpstarting their careers. They quickly find lodging and practice space in an abandoned girls’ high school. Loving the amazing acoustics of its  chapel/music room, with no concern over neighbors complaining about their music, they find jobs and begin to settle in. When stories of odd disappearances around the school are coupled with eerie first-hand occurrences, they begin to question the magnitude of malevolence that lurks within its walls.

Deadly-Gangsta “1”


Deadly-Gangsta “1” is the autobiography of Lorenzo Petty, Sr. Mr. Petty has been proclaimed by law enforcement and the news media as one of the most dangerous gangsters that prowled the streets of St. Louis during the 1970’s. Former local newsman, John Auble, included the Petty brothers in his novel, The History of St. Louis Gangsters.

Lorenzo grew up during a time in St. Louis when poverty, degradation, hate, and crime were woven into the landscape of black ghettos. He decided early in life how he would survive: he would employ the laws of the jungle and demand respect. Lorenzo’s life was not unlike that of the multitude of young black males who were trapped in a bottomless pit, and who resorted to criminal behaviors in order to survive and obtain material possessions.

Deadly-Gangsta “1” characterizes descriptively, how a young black man from St. Louis could grow up and become a ‘menace to society’ on the wrong side of the law. The story is honest, edgy, and captivating” -Judge Greg Mathis.

Doug Up


Doug Up is a collection of comic strips about two dinosaur best friends, Doug and Jerry. In Doug Up, illustrates Doug and Jerry’s journey while stranded in the modern world. After being frozen in ice for millions of years and dug up by an archeologist, Doug and Jerry now have to find their own way of living among humans.

With over 100 comic strips and 600 individual comics, Doug Up is a collection of tongue-in-cheek comics fit for all ages. Follow Doug and Jerry as they experience holidays, camping trips, part-time jobs, and many more adventures!

Find Doug Up in store at Betty’s Books in Webster Groves, Missouri.

Driving Across America


Long before it became a trend, Bill has been highlighting the positives in the U.S. for nearly 20 years. “Driving Across America” – and most of Bill’s collection of works – is a reminder of our shared humanity and the good in people and places in big cities and small towns alike.

Readers will enjoy hilarious and heartfelt stories that include a Mississippian’s homemade, bowling-ball-shooting cannon; some rather strange museums; a lot of giant, record-setting possessions; and the connectivity and kindness engendered by natural disasters.  If you would like attend one of Bill’s public presentations recapping some great travel ideas and hilarious stories, visit BillOnTheRoad

Happy Breathing


Happy Breathing provides lighthearted, creative activities that will help you use conscious deep breathing to transform your mindset. These playful deep breathing activities were originally created and shared by certified Laughter Yoga instructor Valerie Clote in her classes. Now, they are compiled to liberate artful imagination with the healing benefits of deep breathing and the profound power of play. You will also discover a brief introduction to “Laughter Yoga” or laughter as exercise, the healing benefits of laughter, and the healing benefits of deep breathing. These activities are a fun and healthy way to relieve stress, expand creativity, and lift the spirit.

Find Happy Breathing in stores in Taos, New Mexico: Opcit Books; Somos; Cid’s Food Market; High Frequency Loft; Taos Herb; and Manzanita Market.

How to Promote Your Business with Limited Money


Many small businesses do not have a marketing manager. In many cases, it is the company owner that drives marketing and sales efforts with the gut instinct to survive. Even when small businesses do have a marketing manager, though, many of them are trying to navigate through the complex sales and marketing landscape with little to no success or budget.

How to Promote Your Business with Limited Money is a general-purpose, how-to business book written for business owners and marketing professionals by business owners Dr. Stan Fine and Joseph W. Clote.  This guide is not intended to be read as a front-to-back chapter book and rather serves as a quick reference guide. Refer to this book as you need specific information and skip around as needed.

Promoting your business with limited money is one challenging feat, but there are unlimited ideas you can apply to achieve objectives you pre-establish. So, put on your marketing hat, and let’s take action to start showing your prospects the value your business delivers.

It Is What It Is


Armon and Gary Benson are like yin and yang, total opposites. It’s a wonder why Gary has tried so hard to get his brother on the right track.

With Armon finding love and Gary on his heels about leaving the drug trade once and for all, the final decision is left to Armon. In a world filled with what could be and what ifs, whatever happens just is what it is.

MOONRISE: A Werewolf Novel (MOONRISE Series Book 1)


How would you handle getting bitten by a werewolf and cursed? Your mother, father, brother and friends all put in danger. Young Alan Driggers finds out the hard way.

One dark night, on a camping trip, he is attacked and bitten. He barely escapes, but his nightmare has just begun.

“You alright?”

His head down and his teeth grinding, Alan snarled, “What the hell do you think?”

Dropping into a full squat, he added, “I doubt that I’ll ever be alright again.”

His friends, family, home, past, future, and every part of his world is in danger of being lost. Hunted by a wolf seeking revenge, Alan must find help. He does in the personage of a beautiful witch. Witchcraft caused his curse; it may be his only hope of surviving it.

If you like strong character development, and gripping suspense, you’ll love this book!

WOLF HUNT, the second book in the series, is also available for purchase.

MPI CMP – Healthcare Training Manual


The book features sections on business rationale; planning; risk management; implementation and audit; and key terminology.  Section quizzes help users evaluate their knowledge before taking the CMP-HC exam.

The exam includes 100 items, and is administered electronically at designated testing facilities.  It is open to meeting professionals who hold a valid CMP designation; have at least 36 months of experience in health-care meeting management; and have 15 clock hours of professional development in health-care meeting management, completed in the previous five years.

Obtaining the CMP-HC designation is a sign that planners understand key topics in health-care event management, including attendee tracking, data capture, and the reporting of medical meeting spending.

“This manual provides the information and tools to help professionals develop that knowledge.”

 – Paul Van Deventer, President and Chief Executive Officer of MPI.

My Mommy’s Boyfriend


My Mommy’s Boyfriend is an illustrated children’s book that introduces young readers to a topic that is very common, but hard to talk about. Many children have faced child abuse without even knowing it, and they continue to fall victim to predatory experiences because of their lack of knowledge on this subject. Written by Theresa Bowe, My Mommy’s Boyfriend teaches young readers that this subject exists, what to do if they ever encounter this situation, and more importantly, that confiding in multiple trusted adults is a major component in putting an end to child abuse.